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Dating Coach Lisa Daily is America's Leading Dating Expert. Relationships, Love and Dating Tips & Advice
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Wear Pink.
Stand with your toes turned inward.
Smell like food.

Advice from America?s most hilarious and relatable love guru:

LisaLisa Daily can tell you why he didn?t call, the color you should never wear on a first date, and even where to snoop for evidence if you think your guy?s been fooling around.  Millions read her dating advice column or tune in to see her every week on Daytime, and the early buzz on her debut novel Fifteen Minutes of Shame says it pops with the same signature quirky humor and fresh, irreverent voice that made her dating advice book,
Stop Getting Dumped! a bestseller.

Sarasota MagazineWomen from 16-60 flock to Lisa?s popular Dream Girl Academy at the Learning Annex in New York City and events across the US.  Lisa is a dating coach, speaker and popular media guest  -- she has done more than 2000 interviews on top radio and television shows, including iVillage Live, MTV Live, Entertainment Tonight  and top UK national morning show, This Morning, and she appears as a real-life dating expert on the HITCH movie DVD starring Will Smith.  A frequent source for reporters, Lisa has been quoted in hundreds of publications, from the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men?s Health, Christian Science Monitor and US Weekly Magazine.

Lisa, unplugged.

It only took one episode of BEWITCHED to know that advertising was the career for me.

There was Darren, smack in the middle of some adventure with Samantha, stuck on a roof wearing nothing but a tie or jammed in the back seat of a car that drove itself. Then, Larry his boss would show up unexpectedly and Darren would quickly turn his latest mishap into a

One crazy idea later, Darren had saved the day.

This seemed like a good career for me. After all, I had crazy ideas all day long.

64 magazineI loved advertising. I loved working with smart people who themselves had crazy ideas all day long, I loved working on a new project, a new problem, every single day. It was fabulous training, and I learned more about good writing in one year at my first job than I had before (or since). Tommy Thompson, my first Creative Director, made me cry on more than one occasion as he critiqued my work, but he was by far the best writer I ever worked for, and the person who taught me more about writing than anyone else. I feel fortunate to have worked with him, and all of the other talented writers and art directors who helped to shape my writing and broaden my horizons.

I decided to write a dating advice book because I was always the one giving dating advice to my friends, and suddenly they were all married. I think part of me missed the girl talk, the feeling of helping someone through something difficult. So, I wrote Stop Getting Dumped!, which became a bestseller in both the US and the UK, and is still pretty popular. (Thank you, thank you, thank you readers!)  I started writing a dating advice column.  A few years later, I began doing a weekly relationships segment on Daytime, a syndicated morning TV show. I love the weekly gig ? there are a lot of topics that are more fun to cover in a visual medium like television. The producers and hosts are fantastic, and I look forward to doing the show every week.

I wrote Fifteen Minutes of Shame for a couple of reasons: When my dating advice book first came out, a very prominent dating expert was going through a nasty divorce. I thought, there, but for the grace of God, go I (and every other coach or guru on the planet.) The idea intrigued me how one event could effectively level your entire life ? a relationship expert whose husband cheats not only loses her career, but her husband as well.  And while I was in no way interested in participating in such a disaster, it always intrigued me, how sometimes people are forced to go through the most traumatic events of their lives while the whole world is watching. And no, it?s not about me. 

As far as I know.

xoxo, Lisa
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