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Book Club Guide - Fifteen Minutes of Shame

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Book Club Reading Guide for Fifteen Minutes of Shame

1) Do you identify with Darby and her public breakup, or did secretly think she got what she deserved after presenting herself so perfectly all these years?

2) Darby has a firm policy against cheating, but reconsiders in her own life.  Should someone ever stay with someone who?s cheated on them?

3) Is Will a good guy who loves his kids and wants to save his family?  Or is he a scumbag cheater who lets women boss him around?

4) Do you think that Holt?s behavior was gallant or unethical?

5) Many notable relationships experts have faced their own romantic challenges.  Do you think they?re frauds?  Or can someone who screws things up in their own relationships still give good advice?

6) In literature, stepmothers are traditionally portrayed as evil. How did Darby?s stepmother relationship make you feel?  Do you think step-mothers are real mothers?  Or are they just fill-ins for the real thing?

7) How did Fifteen Minutes of Shame make you feel about the rights of stepparents.  Should stepparents get visitation or custody?

8) What do you think the future holds for Darby, Will, Gigi and Holt?

9) What do you think is best for the children, and what will they be telling their therapist in twenty years?

10)  Darby?s made a life and a career of protecting herself from hurt.  Why do you think it?s so hard for so many people to open themselves up to the vulnerability of love?  What has protecting herself cost Darby?  What has trying to protect yourself from hurt ever cost you?

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