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Dating Coach Lisa Daily is America's Leading Dating Expert. Relationships, Love and Dating Tips & Advice
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Lisa?s Digital Press Kit

Lisa Daily
Stop Getting Dumped
How to Date Like a Grown-Up book cover Lisa Daily Fifteen Minutes of Shame
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Members of the press are welcome to use these photos in conjunction with stories including Lisa Daily, How to Date Like a Grown-Up, Stop Getting Dumped!, or Fifteen Minutes of Shame.

Lisa has full release for these images, and will be happy to fax a copy of the release to your publication. Please for information.

Lisa Daily

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Media Requests:

Fifteen Minutes of Shame - a novel by Lisa Daily

Media Clips:
Lisa Daily on iVillage Live, the HITCH DVD, and of course, selected clips from Lisa?s weekly gig on Daytime. -- view

Segment & Story Ideas:
Pitches for TV, print and radio including: How To Use Car Sales Tactics to Get Your Guy to Propose; Celebrity Breakups -- Why We Can?t Put Down the Remote; If Your Friend?s Husband Is Cheating Should You Tell?;  and  Lo-Jack Your Husband (and 5 other secrets to keep your guy from prowling.) -- view

Press Kit:
View or download a PDF of Lisa?s full press kit here. Includes bio, segment ideas and synopsis of Fifteen Minutes of Shame  -- view

Lisa Daily?s Bio  -- view

General Press Release -- view

Download Web Banners -- here

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Lisa Daily

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