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Dating Coach Lisa Daily is America's Leading Dating Expert. Relationships, Love and Dating Tips & Advice
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Great Guest:
The 15 Minutes of Shame Celebrity Disaster Plan

Book Lisa Daily, dating expert, hilarious guest and author of Stop Getting Dumped!  and Fifteen Minutes of Shame to learn:

  • Whether they should hide or hold a press conference
  • Why rehab and a public apology just doesn?t do the trick anymore
  • Celebrity spin control: 4 steps anyone can use to repair their reputation after a public humiliation

Dating expert Lisa Daily is a syndicated relationships columnist and frequent media guest seen everywhere from MTV Live and Entertainment Tonight to the New York Times and US Weekly.  She?s the author of the best-selling dating advice book, Stop Getting Dumped!

Energetic, entertaining, and always willing to get up at the crack of dawn for your morning show, Lisa is a funny and popular radio guest who has appeared on more than 1500 top shows in every major market (and most of the minor ones) from Howard Stern to Valentine in the Morning to Mancow to Jack Diamond to Bob & Sheri to Dave Ryan. For more, visit lisadaily.com.

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Book Lisa for More Sweeps-Worthy Segments.

Review Fifteen Minutes of Shame
It?s funny, it?s smart, it?s the perfect spring read. Lisa Daily?s debut novel is pegged to be the hit of the summer:  what happens when America?s favorite dating expert finds out her husband is cheating?

Can Stepparents Sue For Custody?
Fifteen Minutes of Shame delves into the most controversial topic in family law today: Stepparents rights. Fifteen Minutes of Shame author Lisa Daily and celebrity divorce lawyer John Mayoue offer insight and commentary.

If Your Friend?s Husband is Cheating, Should You Tell?
Lisa gives viewers tips on when you should talk, who to tell first, and when you should keep your suspicions to yourself.

How to Date Your Husband
After a few years of marriage, lots of people find they don?t have anything to talk about but what happened on Entourage, and who left their toenail clippings under the couch.  Lisa gives viewers five hilarious tips to reclaim the sizzle.

Lisa Daily

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