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Dating Coach Lisa Daily is America's Leading Dating Expert. Relationships, Love and Dating Tips & Advice
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Great Guest:
What Romance Novels Have That Real Guys Don?t

What do romance novels have that real guys don?t? 
Uh, romance.

Book Lisa Daily, dating expert, hilarious guest and author of Stop Getting Dumped!  and Fifteen Minutes of Shame to learn:

  • Guys: How to give women what they want without losing your manhood
  • Guys: Why you actually want your wife or girlfriend comparing you to the hottie on the cover
  • Guys: The 3 things all romance heroes have in common, and how to make them work for you
  • Ladies: How to get your guy to give you the romance you?re craving.

Dating expert Lisa Daily is a syndicated relationships columnist and frequent media guest seen everywhere from MTV Live and Entertainment Tonight to the New York Times and US Weekly.  She?s the author of the best-selling dating advice book, Stop Getting Dumped!

Energetic, entertaining, and always willing to get up at the crack of dawn for your morning show, Lisa is a funny and popular radio guest who has appeared on more than 1500 top shows in every major market (and most of the minor ones) from Howard Stern to Valentine in the Morning to Mancow to Jack Diamond to Bob & Sheri to Dave Ryan. For more, visit lisadaily.com.

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Lisa Daily

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